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My furniture arrived super fast, I have an apartment full of my things (minus about one box worth of items I didn't trust to send on a truck) and a kitchen full of food. This is so exciting, as I've not eaten well for a week because I didn't have any cooking utensils. I also found a router stashed in the cupboard, which is magic because we needed one and were about to spend 40 bucks.

(As a side note, my roommate is awesome. I adore her.)

I am 24 in less than a week and I feel so much more like myself having a settled apartment and a weekend of laziness. I have yet to send out offical party invites, but I will do so tomorrow once I finalize a place for dinner and a bar to tell people to meet at. Two of my oldest and dearest friends are coming to entertain me next weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Plus I get to see two plays and get out of the city for an evening. Happiness all around. Dad told me to make a list of all the things I need right now to organize myself, so here goes:

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I signed a lease for an apartment in New York.

Well, Brooklyn to be exact, but same difference. This makes the whole "My Life Is Here Now" thing seem very very real. I move in Sunday and will probably be internetless (ha, like I've updated this in ages, so I'm sure that means nothing to you guys!) until I get back from Boston the weekend after, at the earliest. My major goal right now is to have my furniture in NYC before my birthday. I feel like that's a totally grown up thing, to have the couch I've owned for years actually where I live and to have a real bed for the first time in over 6 months on my birthday. This means making a decision on a mover by Next Wednesday and getting the truck set up ASAP. It's super scary to put your stuff in someone else's hands and expect it to arrive. Also super expensive. I think the hiring of movers and the actual moving of things is what's making this whole adventure seem so official. I'm a real New Yorker, or I'm well on my way to getting there.

(The place is lovely, by the way, on the F train in Brooklyn in the quiet, safe, upcoming area where I could see myself settled for a long while. It's the place where you raise a family and come home after work and go to the nice little neighborhood restaurant. I like it.)

I turn 24 in two weeks. Here are some things I want:

- my furniture to arrive
- american apparel socks
- a lot of people to show up for my birthday party, especially special out-of-towners
- a new computer
- new panic at the disco album
- time to go back and visit Georgia
- my mother to come visit me in NYC
- a massage
- lessons in how to apply makeup and some nice new Mac makeup to play with
- an idea for how to decorate the huge white wall in my cubicle
- a wardrobe and dresser that are affordable
- a trip to Philadelphia to see Mira and her family
- to make Vegas happen at the start of December

...and some things I am not going to mention here ;)
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I pimp.

Okay, so everyone should check out Serena Ryder. Not only is she insanely talented, but she's smart and kind and beautiful. She's one of those artists I'm proud to work for!

Speaking of artists I'm proud to work for...Cobras are going to blow your mind soon. I can't accurately express my pride for them and my enjoyment of them. They are also some of the kindest, funniest people you'll ever know. If you're lucky to live pretty much anywhere outside the US right now, go see them when they come through this month.

And a band I don't do anything for except enjoy, VIP Party Boys. I haven't laughed so hard in forever, they're just genuinely hilarious girlz. I need them to play a show so I can go dance my ass off.

And thus ends my pimping here. I'll probably do a more refined life post on the myspace soonish. <3
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Chapter closed.

A few moments ago I turned in the final edit on my thesis to the graduate school. It's extremely weird to finally take my hands off something I've been working on for so many years (since the start of my senior year of college, which was 4 years ago now.) And as frustrated and disenchanted I got with the whole process -- especially in the last year -- I'm insanely proud of having actually written a thesis and received a Masters degree in something. I'm also excited to start all over again for Masters number two in September. I'm thinking I'll get three, that seems like a nice number, right?

New York continues to grow on me day by day and I feel more settled. Despite the fact that I'm still living out of boxes and sleeping on a blowup mattress. It nevertheless feels like the place I'm meant to be right now, and I'm learning more than I ever thought and doing exactly what I've set out to do so far. And also being my typical self I've already started thinking ahead to years from now. Live in the moment -- my perpetual life battle.

Check the flickr for photos of my latest adventures if you haven't already.

(For the few of you who might read this and not be checking my relationship status on facebook or myspace, I'm single again. Amicable breakup is the phrase I keep using, but I'm still sad even two weeks later because no matter if it's the right thing to do, it's never painless. I'd write more here, but. I think more time still before I'm ready for that.)
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I keep thinking about updating here and then I don't remember what I wanted to say. Went to Atlanta, came back. It was such an unsettled trip, with a show every other day and frantic packing at the apartment otherwise. I had an amazing time at all the shows, though, and post-show hangs are my favorite. My mother is an amazing packer and I would be insane without her. I miss my Athens people all the time.

Since I've been back in New York it's mostly been tons of working, writing reports, fixing things before Warped tour. The next two weeks don't appear to be any less hectic, but then I do get my weekend away as a de-stress.

PS - Oversized drinks are totally in this summer, because I say so.
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(no subject) know, random comments on my entries just makes me want to go on lockdown or something. It's really annoying to get spam comments on your journal. Who is down for me to go on a lockdown? Are any of you reading without logging in and thus would be missing out? Let me know.

It's raining like crazy today and reallly dark outside. I baked brownies for the office and they were a hit. I fly out tomorrow night to visit home for the weekend and finalize graduate degree number 1. Still a few weeks until the trip I really care about: Milwaukee. Know good things to do there? Let me know.
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I still don't have real internet here, or at the office. I still miss all of you in a million ways. NYC is fun, exhausting, amazing. I keep thinking in another week I"ll be more settled, but probably not.

Sometimes staying out until 3;30 in the morning on a Sunday night is the best idea ever. Pictures and real updates about life coming sometime after Wednesday when the cable man comes (finally!)